Then within a span of two more years the marriage life of my sister was going through some unpleasant phases, regarding which my sister’s behavior as well as sometimes Amit’s behavior was equally responsible. I tried to recollect but I could not remember anyone as my buddy. I was more than happy with his performance and co-operative attitude. He replied me that for further blackmailing. Again Jeeju asked me regarding that what I liked the most in her company. I asked him to sit till I bring the packet from inside. I requested him not to do so, but he was adamant. I was having fear and doubts in my mind that now he will black mail me, as I had told him few personal things about my body on the net. I remained still because of fearing the expected blackmailing from his side. I remained still and was pretty much sure that it was my Jeeju. Then with some short jerks he was completely inside me.

I asked him to behave properly and went out of the room. But Jeeju remained adamant on his requests and me on my refusal. But he could not succeed as I had the habit to tuck the whole string inside the lower. He checked the packet and there he was with my sports Bra in his hands and asked did your Didi ask for it, it does not belong to her. Please appreciate with your feedbacks, and tell me how you liked my story. All these things were driving me a bit horny and angrier at that time. Then he asked me for any hair removal cream etc. After half an hour or so Amit came to my house. In the evening both my Jeeju and sister went to their home, and I was left in midst of thinking regarding the last night incident, the talk between me and my Jeeju and of course about his plan. He took out his mobile and gave it to me and asked me to delete the pic of mine from mobile. He replied me that when I tell them about on which part of your body you have moles and birth mark, and then they will believe me for sure.

I went to the kitchen, prepared tea and served him. I thought of deleting this contact but again I thought what harm in it is if I have a friend who has the same name of me, and I did not delete the contact. He further asked me that do you want me to enter you now..
. He wished me and I could see a grin on his face. He again slid his hand down and searched for the knot of my Lower’s string. I just said good morning and went away from there. After a week, all the members of my house had to go to some relative house at a distant place, due to some death in relation and they had to come on the next day. As soon as I was in the other room I felt something strange in my body. After giving him my email id I further requested him to accept some of my friends in my buddy list in my id as I was unable to do the same due to my internet connection failure. After wearing my cloths I followed him to the room, and asked him why he has taken my pic. .


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